Advanced solutions for risk and threat prevention.

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Unique set of services that are tailored to your company

SLPRO offers extensive consulting and training services. This educational infrastructure provides a wide spectrum of turnkey qualifications and training in general and specific Intelligence arenas for professional personnel.

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Advanced solutions for risk and threat prevention.

All security risks and threats require a set of solutions that must be implemented by the respective departments of the company. Such solutions must be accurate, fast, and able to predict, identify and respond decisively before developing into a crisis or a much more complex scenario.

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Design and implementation of optimal solutions for securing your vital assets, operations, and vulnerabilities.

This process allows for intelligence to serve as the building block of the solution method and package most suitable to the operational requirements.

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Our experience is the result of more than 25 years in the market.

SLPR0 is a leading safety and security solutions provider for multiple industries, using mobile applications, artificial intelligence, cloud and custom applications development.

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Our teams and consultants engage and perform tests, simulations, analyze scenarios and create new solutions to emerging threats.


All of our consultancy services are guided by our high professional standards, extensive knowledge, and experience in the field of security.

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Get a real feel for what an emergency scenario looks like, its implications, complications and more.


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“Thank you SLPRO for the excellent work carried out in liaising between Management, safety and security personnel and the police in the scope of our sensitive events and high risk delegations. Fon once, all involved parties were cooperating and spoke the same language, We never thought this could be possible”

A major European Port

“We want to congratulate SLPRo for delivering a unique set of procedures and protocols for detecting anomalies within our flights.”

A major European Airline

“SLPRO is probably a unique service provider with the management being involved in all the operational services provided. The realistic approach was incredibly beneficial to all our teams operating in the field.”

An international Police Department

“A special thanks to all the SLPRO teams that delivered customized solutions to severe safety vulnerabilities in our supply chain.”

A large Venue

“SLPRO delivered field based solutions to our sites by taking into account the diverse theas incurred by our personnel. Tactics and response solutions were vert direct, surgical and test poven.”

A sensitive delegation

“We want to thank SLPRO for delivering an incredible hands-on course to our heads of departments. The seminar was incredibly realistic and we are grateful for the simulations carried and the motivation it has given our personnel.”

International Airport
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